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Once upon a time, there was a nutrition bar that dreamed of travelling to the Moon. Since childhood he has been told that he was not created for spaceships or adventures, and that it was his destiny to be placed in a school backpack or to become an athlete’s snack. However, the bar continued to believe with all its dried fruit, nuts and vitamins.

In the '60s, NASA knocked on his door. Scientists had to urgently send a man into space but there was no suitable food for this mission. And so the bar's finest hour has come. Being 100% organic has finally paid off and he is going to fly to the Moon.

The bar fed astronauts with useful elements, vitamins and natural products while on the Moon. A nutrition bar from an ordinary family became the champion in the fight against hunger, earned a black belt in improving physical well-being, and became a gold medalist in advancing the abilities to achieve both cosmic and earthly goals.

Clinical Nutritionist Ekaterina Tolstikova

In 2018, in the midst of a technology boom the bar decided that he needed to aim even higher. Day and night the nutritionist has been working on its improvement. It was not an ordinary nutritionist. On the contrary, a very special one — an expert in biochemistry, endocrinology and nutrigenetics. Dr. Tolstikova received a gold medal for the study of sports nutrition, detox therapy, vegetarianism, veganism, raw food diet, and even participated in the symposium held by The All-Ukrainian Association of Pediatricians, Gastroenterologists and Nutritionists. Moreover, she created and developed the Therapy of Raw Food method — a raw food menu as a treatment for certain pathologies.

SpaceBar: Facts About the Healthy Snack

How can you deal with hunger in a healthy way at work, on trips or in training when there are no apples or nuts on hand? SpaceBar to the rescue! All the vitamins you need daily will be delivered and your body will be saturated with energy.

Mission of the new generation raw bar

  1. Fly into space from the taste of dried fruit, nuts and useful properties.
  2. Deal with hunger in 3 bites.
  3. Contribute to achieving goals.

SpaceBar Facts

  • Created by the nutritionist
  • Satisfies hunger for several hours
  • Replenishes the daily allowance of vitamins
  • Caters to vegans, vegetarians, and diabetics
  • 100% organic
  • Sugar free
  • Dairy free
  • No sweet syrups
  • No stabilizers and emulsifiers
  • No preservatives
  • GMO free
  • Gluten and soy free


Improve memory and make it easier to handle physical activity

Dried Fruit

Add taste, vitamins and necessary elements

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SpaceBar is a perfect companion during snack times for everyone:

  • Kids

    A tasty nutrition bar instead of fast food

  • Athletes

    + 100 stamina, strength, and mastery points

  • Businessmen

    Meetings, deals and deadlines without lunch breaks

  • Weight watchers

    Satisfies hunger in 2 minutes, keeps you well-fed for 4 hours

  • Health enthusiasts

    Tasty and organic

Get your super box and taste all 3 SpaceBar flavors

699 UAH


Whoever you are — an astronaut, an athlete, a student, a manager or just a dreamer — you cannot do without SpaceBar. It will satisfy your hunger in just 2 minutes and keep you well-fed for 4 hours which means that there is no need for high-calorie sandwiches anymore. With a set of our cosmic nutrition bars you no longer have to worry about how to get all the useful elements and vitamins. Our cosmic bars will keep you energized all day long. SpaceBar is tasty, fast and healthy.

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